Rhyme and meter from myself and others who have given permission to include their works.

A Fish

A fish, a fish, no not on a dish, but in a tank, with no one to thank. A fish, a fish, making a wish, swimming around, swimming so proud. A fish, a fish, making a swish, eating some food, always in a glorious mood. written by: Timothy Farren


Though I long for thee My soul rests free Interred within the walls Of the Asylum Halls. Death, never strange to me, Nor the pain I give freely. My view grows dark, The light from me does part. He reaches through the vortex of time, To push me back from this rhyme. Exterminate! Oh what … Continue reading Exterminate!

Interest Lost

Interest lost, flying in a cloud. Paying no cost, no longer can afford. Wrapped in a shroud, utterly bored. written by: Timothy Farren

Knowledge Fading

Learning that from which is taught, expanding minds, from that which is sought, teaching that from which they hope, giving ignorance, desperately trying to cope, wondering youths eager and caught, [5] sitting patiently, never seeking to halt, closing eyes and letting them sleep. Losing interest, this illusion cannot keep finding things to distract the mind standing alone … Continue reading Knowledge Fading

Time, Guide Me

On this day, a day born anew a ring of events that do unfold time is passing slowly through in a manner, wild and untold. Bound by fate and nature true [5] so slyly passing by young and old time is fleeting, always on cue circling the world, moving so bold. Only ending, when ending … Continue reading Time, Guide Me

A Kiss

A kiss, a kiss. Something that is missed. Once you’ve had one, they are never done. A kiss, a kiss. Something that is remembered. No matter where, why, or when… You long for them once again. written by: Timothy Farren