Psychology & Sociology

An exploration of the human psychological thought processes and developmental growth. Includes topics which affect the social aspects and norms in society.

Finding Love Again

Falling in love is characterized by some to be the greatest feeling in the world; others say that it comes but once in a lifetime. Many individuals fall in and out of love throughout physical and mental development only to never experience what is referred to as “true love.” Being no exception to this rule, … Continue reading Finding Love Again

Surrogate Motherhood

Infertility, sterile, barren, no couple likes to hear these words when faced with the onset of trying to conceive a newborn child. Despite advancements in modern fertility drugs and the medical world as a whole, these words, as heartbreaking to hear as they are to say to a hopeful couple, still plague prospective mothers throughout … Continue reading Surrogate Motherhood

Learning to Think Younger

Meticulously learning about the world around him or her, a young child sits in the corner diligently playing on a tablet PC. Technology is still teaching children skills and critical thinking abilities without ever actually stepping into the world to experience the stimuli first hand. While this may seem science fiction to some, it has … Continue reading Learning to Think Younger