Liberal Democratic Philosophy, Ideology

The philosophy of the LDP is vague, however, most politicians within the party favor a centralized and efficient government the plays an important role in the economy. This system closely resembles a managerial system found in business. The LDP does not favor strong local initiative, but rather a Keynesian approach and a paternalistic free-enterprise. While the foreign trade policy of the LDP has been in favor of trade with the Soviet Union and China, it still has remained a pro-western and anti-communist policy.

The ideology of the LDP replaces the economic classification of national security for a military one. The LDP has been successful in promoting the re-establishment of Japan’s role in the world and has achieved this almost entirely through economical means. While the party can bolster claims of success in the economic development of Japan, it has not been able to manage the problems arising from the modernization of the society.


The LDP receives broad public support for its commitment to economic development but has lost some of this support in certain circumstances such as pollution and public health. Another area of concern is in the development of nuclear power. Even though Japan has no interest in the development of nuclear weaponry, having the capabilities to acquire them through nuclear development poses a conflict with the American policy that opposes nuclear proliferation.

With the LDP maintaining close ties to large business and bureaucracy, it is composed of members from the bureaucracy. This enables the bureaucracy to ensure the party does what it thinks is best for the community and guides business in the direction of its goals. In turn, the business community provides massive funding to keep the odds in their favor. This funding and desire to maintain their agenda have led to both the development of a national economic policy, but also corruption.

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