Monday Motivations

After a long two days of rest over the weekend, I find it difficult at times to get the same motivation I have throughout the week to workout. Partially to blame is the amount of rest and laziness that I find myself indulging in over the weekends. While my idea of lazy is not sittingContinue reading “Monday Motivations”

Quads and Hams

Today marks the completion of “Week 4, Phase 1” of Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size. Soreness is already setting into the muscles of my quadriceps, which is a good thing (I think?). In the past, I have maxed out the leg extensions to the maximum load of 300 lbs (136 kg) and had to slow my reps.Continue reading “Quads and Hams”

My Elbows Hurt

Many people know that for the past few years I have spent quite a few hours in the gym. While I have completed workout after workout, it has taken time to find what type of workouts I respond well to. Recently, actually a few months back, I had completed a strength program and made fantasticContinue reading “My Elbows Hurt”