The State of Things

I have officially started my final year at the University of Tennessee. This has caused me much excitement as well as some general concerns. I have spent the better part of 5 years in pursuit of my college degree, but due to the inability to receive full credit for my previous obtained credits from South College. ThisContinue reading “The State of Things”

Long time

It has been a long time since I have taken the time to post anything to the site. To be honest, I really have not had too much to post about. My life is not boring, not in the least, but I just do not feel compelled to inform the world of every little occurrenceContinue reading “Long time”

Summer Revamp

Given my undying need to always try to improve on things, I have focused myself once more on the layout of this┬ásite. While I am still restricted to the free theme selections, I still find this one lacking certain features that I would like to see. Lately I have been dabbling in the “featured” tagsContinue reading “Summer Revamp”