Time for School

Had a wonderful weekend with Amy and the girls. Just a few more days and they will be heading back to school for days of learning and fun-filled projects. So what does this mean for Amy and I? Early morning rise and school of our own. I guess it will officially be the end ofContinue reading “Time for School”

End of Days

Hard to believe that summer is just a few weeks from being over. I am greatly saddened by this, but am also excited about the upcoming semester. I have spent a lot of my free time doing nothing productive. Entering another term at school means harder classes and more homework. In all honesty I amContinue reading “End of Days”

Monday Motivations

After a long two days of rest over the weekend, I find it difficult at times to get the same motivation I have throughout the week to workout. Partially to blame is the amount of rest and laziness that I find myself indulging in over the weekends. While my idea of lazy is not sittingContinue reading “Monday Motivations”

Yes Burritos, and Tacos!

I just wanted to inform the internet that I ate Taco Bell. Why is this significant? For starters, it has been almost a month since I last ate something unhealthy. Second, it was freakin awesome tasting, and was like heaven wrapped in a flour tortilla. Taco Bell is pretty awesome. Best part is they areContinue reading “Yes Burritos, and Tacos!”