The Busy Life

With the move and start of a new job opportunity, I find myself spending most of my free time piecing together life. Adapting to the changes in the living environment and adjusting to an entirely new way of life has proven to be slow going. I see no quick end to the process other than time.

A Year in Reflection 2016

This year has brought about many major things in my life. I became a grandfather, finished college, starting a career, and moving to a new state. At the beginning of this year, I thought some of these things would never happen. My graduation, career, and a move to a new state were things constantly onContinue reading “A Year in Reflection 2016”

Forney Ridge

A few weeks ago the family and I decided to go for a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We set our destination as Clingman’s Dome and drove off towards the park. As we made progress through the park, the weather became foggy and slightly rainy. Arriving at our destination, we were metContinue reading “Forney Ridge”

Quale sport preferisco?

Non seguo gli sport più popolari negli stati uniti. Non mi piacciono gli sport come il football, il basket, l’hockey e il basket. Non mi interessano. La pesistica è l’unico sport in cui mi alleno. La pesistica è uno sport buono per la salute, uno sport per ognuno.  Ti fa diventare forte e ognuno puòContinue reading “Quale sport preferisco?”