Quale sport preferisco?

Non seguo gli sport più popolari negli stati uniti. Non mi piacciono gli sport come il football, il basket, l’hockey e il basket. Non mi interessano. La pesistica è l’unico sport in cui mi alleno. La pesistica è uno sport buono per la salute, uno sport per ognuno.  Ti fa diventare forte e ognuno puòContinue reading “Quale sport preferisco?”

After Bizzy

At the beginning of May  2014, I had undertaken the methods of the co-founder of MusclePharm, Corey Gregory. This 21 day plan the called the “Bizzy Diet” looked simple, but was an intense experience. The program was challenging, but doable. So now that I have completed the entire program here are my thoughts. As the overview page postedContinue reading “After Bizzy”

I’m Getting Bizzy

Since summer is basically here, I have decided that I am much to large around the waistline. I feel uncomfortable with the way my midsection looks and have decided to do something about it, despite my hate of cardio. At the beginning of this week (May 12. 2014), I have undertaken the methods of theContinue reading “I’m Getting Bizzy”

Monday Motivations

After a long two days of rest over the weekend, I find it difficult at times to get the same motivation I have throughout the week to workout. Partially to blame is the amount of rest and laziness that I find myself indulging in over the weekends. While my idea of lazy is not sittingContinue reading “Monday Motivations”