Impact of Art and Literature on Human Rights

During the time of the eighteenth century, a time when not much thought was given about the “human rights” of others, people’s ideas about their fellow man began to change. Lynn Hunt, in her book Inventing Human Rights, discusses the fact that these dramatic changes occurred due the emergence of art and literature. She believesContinue reading “Impact of Art and Literature on Human Rights”

The Shaping of China

Since the originating of the Chinese civilization in the Yellow River valley, geographical conditions have helped to shape the development of the civilization. Due to the restrictive region of a flooding river and mountainous terrains surrounding the valley, only a small portion of land was fertile enough to grow crops to maintain a growing population.Continue reading “The Shaping of China”

Time for School

Had a wonderful weekend with Amy and the girls. Just a few more days and they will be heading back to school for days of learning and fun-filled projects. So what does this mean for Amy and I? Early morning rise and school of our own. I guess it will officially be the end ofContinue reading “Time for School”

Washing clothes

A few weeks/ months ago our washer started to fail, finally it stopped working. Since that time Amy and I have had the pleasure of gathering all the soiled linen, loaded said linen into the car, and driving down the street to the local laundromat. While this is “loads” of fun, it can be quiteContinue reading “Washing clothes”