Summer Already?

Time has passed so quickly and another summer is beginning here in Knoxville. The days are becoming warmer, the sun is rising earlier, and the birds are singing songs of summer. It feels as if only a few weeks since celebrating the new year have passed and we were making our summer plans. Reflecting onContinue reading “Summer Already?”

Forney Ridge

A few weeks ago the family and I decided to go for a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We set our destination as Clingman’s Dome and drove off towards the park. As we made progress through the park, the weather became foggy and slightly rainy. Arriving at our destination, we were metContinue reading “Forney Ridge”

Proteggere la natura

É importante che le persone riciclino i rifiuti. É bene che tu ricicli per proteggere l’ambiente. É necessario che tutti inquinano meno. É importante che riciclino le lattine, la plastica e usino meno benzina. Vado in bicicletta invece di usare la macchina. Spengo la luce quando non è necessario. Guido l’automobile elettrica o l’autobus. HoContinue reading “Proteggere la natura”