Become an Antisocial Social Gamer

In the modern world technology has given us the ability to interact with each other in a way we had never thought possible. Since the birth of the internet, people throughout the world now have the ability to access information that was never available to them before. With this rise in internet usage after theContinue reading “Become an Antisocial Social Gamer”

Poor Driving, Bad Habits

Poor Driving, Bad Habitsby: Timothy Farren      Being comfortable in our driving environment has developed into bad habits, causing average everyday drivers to take risks and endanger not only themselves, but others on the road as well. Today, most drivers get behind the wheel of their vehicle and fail to remember that they are not theContinue reading “Poor Driving, Bad Habits”

On the Other Side of Battle

The crisp fall breeze cut across my face like ice. This night was turning out to be a no different from the past twenty or thirty that I had spent in the field. Little was it known that while the day would end the same, tomorrow when the sun rose in the sky, I wouldContinue reading “On the Other Side of Battle”

School, an Integral Part of Life

Whether brought by parents, or a bus, arriving at school for the first time will always impress and awe anyone that looks upon it with fresh eyes. From the simple design of the outer brick walls, to intricate mazes of hallways and rooms, schools are an integral part of modern life. They are a partContinue reading “School, an Integral Part of Life”