Acceptable Offense

Freedom of speech is the right of any party to say or print whatever he or she wishes. They have the right to practice his or her chosen religion as they so choose and to meet in a peaceful manner. Censorship is the removal of items deemed offensive in nature from public access or view.Continue reading “Acceptable Offense”

Liberal Democratic Philosophy, Ideology

The philosophy of the LDP is vague, however, most politicians within the party favor a centralized and efficient government the plays an important role in the economy. This system closely resembles a managerial system found in business. The LDP does not favor strong local initiative, but rather a Keynesian approach and a paternalistic free-enterprise. WhileContinue reading “Liberal Democratic Philosophy, Ideology”

Meiji Restoration

Widespread discontent in the imperial court over the continuing deteriorating condition of the political system in Japan and the questioning of the integrity and legitimacy of the shogunate led to an effort to bring about political change in the Japanese society. Feudal connections were weakened by economic changes and the infiltration of Westerners into JapanContinue reading “Meiji Restoration”

Colonization of the Dark Continent

Africa was the only region unexplored by the Europeans. Often referred to as the Dark Continent, it was a land of mystery, riches, peril, and primitive tribesman. This did not deter Europeans from seeking to reap the bountiful goods this land had to offer. One such ruler, King Leopold of Belgium, became obsessed with claimingContinue reading “Colonization of the Dark Continent”