Yes Burritos, and Tacos!

I just wanted to inform the internet that I ate Taco Bell. Why is this significant? For starters, it has been almost a month since I last ate something unhealthy. Second, it was freakin awesome tasting, and was like heaven wrapped in a flour tortilla. Taco Bell is pretty awesome. Best part is they areContinue reading “Yes Burritos, and Tacos!”

My Elbows Hurt

Many people know that for the past few years I have spent quite a few hours in the gym. While I have completed workout after workout, it has taken time to find what type of workouts I respond well to. Recently, actually a few months back, I had completed a strength program and made fantasticContinue reading “My Elbows Hurt”

The Fallacy of Chivalry and Courtesy

In times of old when kings, knights, and mythical beings of legends ruled over the lands, tales of epic quests and journeys were the common theme among authors of the era. In these writings and tales of old, certain aspects of the characters within were portrayed. It was these aspects themselves that were perceived asContinue reading “The Fallacy of Chivalry and Courtesy”

Roles of Anglo-saxon Women in Beowulf

In the days and tales of ancient Beowulf, women were often mentioned within the tale. Throughout the tale, many female characters are mentioned: Wealhtheow, Hygd, Modthryth, and others. What is the importance of these brief encounters of heroes and the women that appeared throughout Beowulf? The roles of these women throughout Beowulf are portrayed asContinue reading “Roles of Anglo-saxon Women in Beowulf”