The State of Things

I have officially started my final year at the University of Tennessee. This has caused me much excitement as well as some general concerns. I have spent the better part of 5 years in pursuit of my college degree, but due to the inability to receive full credit for my previous obtained credits from South College. ThisContinue reading “The State of Things”

May Slow Down

As the yearly semester ends; students pack, say their goodbyes to friends, and make the long trips home to spend the summer months with their parents. Some find these coming months as a great opportunity to relax from all the stress associated with college life. A time filled with pool parties, family trips, or visitsContinue reading “May Slow Down”

Upcoming Spring

As I sit at the desk here at work, if you would really like to call it work, I have taken the liberty to review my upcoming semester schedule time and time again. To no avail, no progress has been made. Trying to manipulate the oddity of time tables that are proposed by the collegeContinue reading “Upcoming Spring”

Japanese Students

One of the main reasons that Japanese students work so hard is the expectations set by their parents and the school system. Particularly the mothers of Japanese children want to ensure the admission to a better kindergarten which will lay the path to future success later on. Admission demands of these kindergarten schools are soContinue reading “Japanese Students”