Colonization of the Dark Continent

Africa was the only region unexplored by the Europeans. Often referred to as the Dark Continent, it was a land of mystery, riches, peril, and primitive tribesman. This did not deter Europeans from seeking to reap the bountiful goods this land had to offer. One such ruler, King Leopold of Belgium, became obsessed with claimingContinue reading “Colonization of the Dark Continent”

The Fallacy of Chivalry and Courtesy

In times of old when kings, knights, and mythical beings of legends ruled over the lands, tales of epic quests and journeys were the common theme among authors of the era. In these writings and tales of old, certain aspects of the characters within were portrayed. It was these aspects themselves that were perceived asContinue reading “The Fallacy of Chivalry and Courtesy”

Criticism of the Wife of Bath

In the telling of her story in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Dame Alison tells a story of her marriage life and the various husbands that she has had. Throughout the telling of her story in Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath Prologue, she mentions many times her justification for her chosen lifestyle and that she herself seesContinue reading “Criticism of the Wife of Bath”

Roles of Anglo-saxon Women in Beowulf

In the days and tales of ancient Beowulf, women were often mentioned within the tale. Throughout the tale, many female characters are mentioned: Wealhtheow, Hygd, Modthryth, and others. What is the importance of these brief encounters of heroes and the women that appeared throughout Beowulf? The roles of these women throughout Beowulf are portrayed asContinue reading “Roles of Anglo-saxon Women in Beowulf”