Didn’t Know That

For the longest time, I have been tinkering around with different themes for this site and have never really been able to settle on one. The reason? This site makes use of a lot of static pages, while most, if not all, of the free themes on WordPress, are geared towards blogging. This was not … Continue reading Didn’t Know That

Major Overhaul

I have updated the site with a major overhaul. Moved a lot of posts to a page format. Categorized all new pages into subjects. Corrected some spelling errors. Added some images for the new pages.  


I felt it was time for a new home on the internet, so I parked a new domain name for this site! TimelyMind.com. The old site name will strictly forward everyone to my Linkedin profile, which I felt was an appropriate place to direct the landing. I will also be in the process of developing … Continue reading Moved!