Overnight to Ft Jackson

Palm TreeEarly in the morning , 3:30AM to be exact, I awoke in darkness and prepared my self for the day that lay ahead. I followed my daily routine and forewent breakfast in fear of being late to pick up my mother from her house. I fed all the animals, packed my change of clothing, and loaded the sewing machine I had promised to bring into the trunk. Continue reading “Overnight to Ft Jackson”

A Day of Booking

I started the day with one thing on my mind, finding a book on Joomla! or something like that. So I got dressed, ate my breakfast, and headed to the gym. “I thought you were finding a book about Joomla! ?”, you ask.

That was on my mind, but fitness is a necessity in my world and I really don’t like to skip it. Anyway back to the story, after my nice little workout I headed to Books A Million to find such a book.Continue reading “A Day of Booking”