Theme updates

WordPress archived the theme that was used by this site. With support being discontinued, it was overdue for a refresh.

The new theme did not carry over the old theme layout and design. Quite upsetting since there was a lot of customization used to create page titles and layouts.

With the update to a newer theme that uses the new block style creation, the site lost layouts and page setting. All pages have been updated to a simpler layout and less graphic use.

Didn’t Know That

For the longest time, I have been tinkering around with different themes for this site and have never really been able to settle on one. The reason? This site makes use of a lot of static pages, while most, if not all, of the free themes on WordPress, are geared towards blogging. This was not my vision for this page, so finding a workable layout that could achieve¬†what I was after has been troublesome.Continue reading “Didn’t Know That”

The Busy Life

With the move and start of a new job opportunity, I find myself spending most of my free time piecing together life. Adapting to the changes in the¬†living environment and adjusting to an entirely new way of life has proven to be slow going. I see no quick end to the process other than time.Continue reading “The Busy Life”

A Year in Reflection 2016

This year has brought about many major things in my life. I became a grandfather, finished college, starting a career, and moving to a new state.

At the beginning of this year, I thought some of these things would never happen. My graduation, career, and a move to a new state were things constantly on my mind. As I entered the 2016 year none of them felt as if they would truly ever come to pass. It was not until my last semester at the Haslam College of Business that I truly felt it would be finished. Even though the graduation time has come and gone, I still feel as if it never happened. Certainly this feeling will fade and I will begin to feel as if the time I spent in classes for years was so long ago.

While some things felt as if they would never happen, the birth of my grandson was something I still can not believe. Showing pictures to my professors and classmates was always met with reactions of amazement and confusion. How could I be so young and be a grandfather? Most, if not all, of them, thought I was in my early 20s despite the fact I am in my late 30s. My grandson is such a joy and I hope we will be able to play trucks soon.

A lot has changed in the past year for all of us, but it has only opened up new doors for the coming year. I aim to make 2017 a year of growth for myself and family.