Didn’t Know That

For the longest time, I have been tinkering around with different themes for this site and have never really been able to settle on one. The reason? This site makes use of a lot of static pages, while most, if not all, of the free themes on WordPress, are geared towards blogging. This was not my vision for this page, so finding a workable layout that could achieve what I was after has been troublesome.

Just today I was tinkering around with different themes once again to find one that closely matched my desired outcome. I happened to see a small link, asking if I needed help in setting up my theme. I thought it was an advertisement. I found out that I was completely incorrect! This was a link to the details of how my current theme was set up, designed, and had detailed instructions on how to get it to look like the live demo. I was overjoyed because I was able to make some changes that have kept me from digging through the free theme database for hours! I did not know that each theme had detailed setup instructions.

Next time I need to make some changes, I plan on actually reading and making use of the details of the theme to make these changes.

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I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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