The Busy Life

With the move and start of a new job opportunity, I find myself spending most of my free time piecing together life. Adapting to the changes in the living environment and adjusting to an entirely new way of life has proven to be slow going. I see no quick end to the process other than time.

Most of the changes have been in adjusting to a new work schedule and dealing with traffic in the Atlanta area. With such short notice for my wife and I to plan our move, we are currently living further from our jobs than anticipated. Today, our commute home took nearly three hours of near-standstill traffic in the pouring rain. At least I am able to provide comic relief for such an extended commute.

The traffic is not really what bothers me about the drive, it is the loss of time. It gives me a feeling of being underproductive in the effort to adapt to the new environment. Slowly I am gathering the essentials for a feeling at home (appliances, food, sense of direction, etc.), but as I stated, they are coming slowly and not without a great deal of time.

Eventually, things will settle into a routine. I look forward to that time. A time when both of us are able to relax and actually enjoy all that the city of Atlanta has to offer.

Published by TF

I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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