Summer Already?

Time has passed so quickly and another summer is beginning here in Knoxville. The days are becoming warmer, the sun is rising earlier, and the birds are singing songs of summer. It feels as if only a few weeks since celebrating the new year have passed and we were making our summer plans. Reflecting on the months that have seemingly passed in a blink of an eye, I have realized that the time has come for us to start our summer plans and leave Spring behind.

Everyone has moved into their own apartments or starting summer work, so the house is pretty empty most of the time. This has been eye-opening for my wife and me as we now understand there is just too much space in our current home. Over the past few months, we have worked on raising our credit scores and browsing the housing market. The time has come in our lives to downsize our living area and replace it with a smaller home that is large enough for only us and our pets. It does seem weird to think back on the past years and realize that we have come to this point in life so quickly.

We have made a choice to forego buying a home at the current time and wait patiently for my graduation. We will let fate, and job placement, decide where we will settle in a new home. In the time leading up to that point, we are going to make good on our planned events for summer.

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