Ultra Productive?

A while back I came across an article posted by Forbes which discussed the 15 things that productive people do differently. After reading through the list, I found that while I already follow some of these items on a daily basis, I go against a few and lack the others. Nevertheless, I have been actively trying to implement some of these into my life in an effort to be more efficient.

agendaWhen I decided to try and incorporate more items from this list into my every day, I found the results to be quite promising. I have not only become more productive but have successfully freed up more leisure time in the process. One area that I have made a great improvement in is project management. I am in my senior year of college and classwork went from simple papers to team projects and larger scale class projects. These new approaches of trying to be more productive have really helped me in achieving my goals. Now I am in the habit of spreading my work across different days and not focusing on one task at a time. I feel less stressed and more productive.

While I still have not given up my to-do list, since it has helped me tremendously to remember things that need to be completed, I might one day consider the alternative approach mentioned and schedule everything in my calendar. However, I do not think I will ever be carrying a notebook around, I still prefer my digital tablet.

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