The State of Things

I have officially started my final year at the University of Tennessee. This has caused me much excitement as well as some general concerns.

I have spent the better part of 5 years in pursuit of my college degree, but due to the inability to receive full credit for my previous obtained credits from South College. This will cause me to graduate with a total of 180+ credit hours total investment in higher education. While it was a choice I made to switch colleges, it still does not sit well knowing I have gone beyond a Master level of credits. It has been a financial burden that will soon pay off once I begin my career.

These last two semesters will prove to be the hardest I will have at UTK. I am eager to learn R programming and later  in my second semester SQL and in-depth database management. I feel confident I will do well at my job once I have graduated.

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I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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