Desk work

As I sit at here at the front desk waiting for the phone to ring, a person to enter through the door, or for anything to happen at all, I find that I have time to reflect on many aspects of the things surrounding me.

Things such as: why are there so many post-it notes everywhere? How long has this can of Diet Coke been sitting here? Why are there so many pens in the cup? Why are there two cups?… the list goes on and on. You see this is not my desk, but occasionally it is required for me to fulfill the role of receptionist when no one else is here.

While the task is relatively easy for me, it does create a long drawn out afternoon filled with thought, web research, and the occasional funny meme. Sadly, my time here cannot be put to better use.

Published by TF

I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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