A New Keyboard

For months the poor lighting in my so-called computer room has been a problem. Only with a light on, even in the daytime, was I able to see the grey letters that were printed on my stock keyboard. I am not always in need of lighting an entire room just to see my keyboard, it is a waste of electricity. Other members of the household probably sat in the adjacent living room in slight annoyance by the 60-watt glow of the overhead light fixture above my head. This lighting issue had gone on long enough and so I set out to find an illuminated keyboard to finally put to rest the strain on my vision.

I browsed through numerous options on Amazon.com and spent hours reading reviews. Do I want programmable keys? How about macro recording? I asked myself if I really needed all these extras to justify the price for them. I asked myself one more time, do I really need all these so-called extra features? No. I have made it just fine throughout the years with just a standard issue OEM keyboard, why do I need to really change? Sure all those programmable doodads and gizmos are pretty neat, but I have never had any of them to begin with so I would miss absolutely nothing. I simply wanted a keyboard that would light up in the dark, nothing really fancy.

Since my Dell has the standard “blue” led lighting already from the manufacturer, I decided to go with a blue illuminated keyboard. I purchased the CM Storm Devastator, which comes with a matching mouse. At first it was weird to have a “blue” glow shining just inches below the desk, but I have become accustomed to the glow. The fact that the mouse also glows makes it easier to find in the dark. I am quite happy with the purchase and pleased to finally turn off the light that has shone so brightly for so long. I will not miss it.71LCqRrroxL._SL1500_

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