After Bizzy

At the beginning of May  2014, I had undertaken the methods of the co-founder of MusclePharm, Corey Gregory. This 21 day plan the called the “Bizzy Diet” looked simple, but was an intense experience. The program was challenging, but doable. So now that I have completed the entire program here are my thoughts.


As the overview page posted on stated,  “The Bizzy Diet Fitness Plan is simple yet intense. It has options, but it’s strict. It’s only 3 weeks, but the changes you can generate will be profound.” which is exactly what I needed, something that pushed me and helped to shed off a few extra pounds.

The workouts themselves were taxing  for me because of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) beforehand and the five sets of twenty repetitions each. Being accustomed  to working in the 8-12 range for most exercises, this program pushed into a repetition range that was new for me. I had to substantially lower the weight typically used in my routines, almost as much as 50%, in order to make the twenty rep mark.

The hardest part of this 21 day workout was the diet. Corey has set up a strict food plan to follow and insist only increasing the protein intake if you are an experienced lifter. Even though my protein intake was on the increased level, I found myself constantly hungry. Towards the end of the 3 weeks I was really feeling the impact of the decreased calories and felt exhausted.

I am proud of myself for committing to this program and its strict diet. I accomplished a 15 pound weight loss. On a bad note though, I did lose some strength – easy to get back though.

Check out the program here: MusclePharm Bizzy Diet or

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