May Slow Down

As the yearly semester ends; students pack, say their goodbyes to friends, and make the long trips home to spend the summer months with their parents. Some find these coming months as a great opportunity to relax from all the stress associated with college life. A time filled with pool parties, family trips, or visits to other relatives. Others have finished the courses needed for graduation and have taken part in the ceremony that was held earlier today. Many of them will join the workforce in their chosen field of study, but some will return home and be unable to land a job for months.

This is not the case for everyone that attends college. I live but a few miles from the campus, the local college is inescapable to those that live within the vicinity of its realm. We, the ones that live here, are smothered daily with every aspect of college both during and post semester. It is a year-round onslaught of constant reminders of what is important to this community. There is no break from the stress or academics.

While there is less student population during the summer months, there are those few that linger behind to get through at a faster pace. Some stay simply because they have no other alternative, except returning to their home country, and are forced to maintain a constant enrollment. For those few, there is a feeling of sorrow that I feel for them.

Welcome to Big Orange country, a small collection of counties that eat, sleep, and breathe this university. Compliance is not necessary, but it will be forced upon you in every aspect of your life.

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