Upcoming Spring

As I sit at the desk here at work, if you would really like to call it work, I have taken the liberty to review my upcoming semester schedule time and time again. To no avail, no progress has been made. Trying to manipulate the oddity of time tables that are proposed by the college is not only challenging, but also provides an unneeded headache. Why must schools make it such hassle to creating a simple schedule of daily class times? I have found myself at the mercy of registration errors, overcrowded wait lists, and courses that required multiple attempts at registration.

Sadly to say I have not been able to modify my current timetable to provide a continuous educational setting, no… instead I find my scheduled once again riddled with short and long gaps of unallocated time that will leave me walking aimlessly around campus grounds. I could use this time wisely and proceed to do homework while waiting for the next class to begin, or maybe catch up on some Netflix series. Most of the time I walk around just thinking about how much “fun” it is to be walking around. So much time wasted.

So despite the set back of a scattered class time-table, I have taken almost the maximum allowed credit hours that does not require academic permission.  This will most certainly be a challenging, yet rewarding semester with the amount of work I will be doing.  The problem lies not in the workload,  I am certain that I am very capable of taking on this amount of work,  but rather in the lack of motivation I have to actually study material. Even though I have no motivation to study, I do very well which is perhaps why I lack the motivation?

So now I have had my rant, put it into words, and kept myself busy for a brief moment of time.

Back to being bored work!

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I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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