Quads and Hams

Today marks the completion of “Week 4, Phase 1” of Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size. Soreness is already setting into the muscles of my quadriceps, which is a good thing (I think?). In the past, I have maxed out the leg extensions to the maximum load of 300 lbs (136 kg) and had to slow my reps. Once again,  it is my feeling that I am on the way to reaching those numbers.

Squats are lower in weight than I once had them, but that is partially due to change in-depth and correction of form. Now I squat low bar deep squat and maintain a hip hinge technique throughout the entire lift. Squatting like this was a bit awkward at first, but has now proven to be increasing both my strength and the muscle definition in my quads.

It still feels like my Romanian lift form is still off, but I tend to feel the effects in the hamstrings the following day. I would like to go heavier on the lying curls as well, but my legs are longer than my equipment. This difference in my leg length and equipment has led to a restricted and uncomfortable range of motion for me, but I persist nonetheless.

Planks are dumb. Effective, but dumb.


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