Washing clothes

washer01A few weeks/ months ago our washer started to fail, finally it stopped working. Since that time Amy and I have had the pleasure of gathering all the soiled linen, loaded said linen into the car, and driving down the street to the local laundromat. While this is “loads” of fun, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming.
The drive to the laundromat is not ridiculously lengthy, sitting there while the linens wash is. Having to keep an eye on things so nobody helps themselves to our belongings, is frustrating. I never understood why anyone would want my wet, pre washed clothes.

washer02Yet, I have had items taken from the washer before. Some people are even nice enough to remove everything from the washer and place them in a corner on the floor. Luckily this laundromat is on the nicer side and things do not happen like that. Still, I like to leave nothing to chance.
Maybe when we manage to save a bit of money, a new/used washer may be purchased. Until that time anything soiled will be toted down the street.

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