My Elbows Hurt

Many people know that for the past few years I have spent quite a few hours in the gym. While I have completed workout after workout, it has taken time to find what type of workouts I respond well to. Recently, actually a few months back, I had completed a strength program and made fantastic new PR on all my lifts.

IMG_20120427_201729For the past three months I followed a routine, Superman Training by Dr. Jim Stoppani. I cursed, sweat, ripped open calluses, and once again made some decent gains. These recent gains have prompted me to pursue two more of his routines that have received outstanding feedback from its participants. Shortcut to Size, being the first program I am attempting to follow strictly, has put me through the ringer within the first week. Stoppani has once more made me curse, sweat, cry, and I still can not walk normal. I love this feeling.

I had Amy take pictures before I started the current Shortcut to Size and will take more pictures at the end of week twelve. Also I have been recording measurements on my bodyspace and workout logs on weekly. Eager to complete the appointed twelve weeks, I am looking forward to attempting Shortcut to Shred, which has also received great reviews on its effectiveness. Never before have I attempted such a strict diet and “cutting” routine, but I am determined to see some inches disappear and willing to give it a go. After all, it is only twelve weeks.

Here are the programs:

Shortcut to Size 12 week trainer

Shortcut to Shred 6 week trainer

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