School’s Out for Summer

Soccer BallFinals are over, grades are beginning to be posted, students are graduating, and the weather is warming. That is correct, it is the time of year when an increased number of people are trading in their textbooks and backpacks  for beach towels and flip-flops. With the summer months approaching once more, it is expected to see an increase in traffic and travel as families wind down from the school year and vacation.

Personally I love this time of year of scorching hot weather and bright sunny afternoons spent sweating. I find pleasure in mowing the grass, cooking outside on the grill, or just walking in the hot summer air. Sure I could have spent the time attending summer classes, but the brain does need a break from time to time, not to mention the  time that should be spent with family. While I am not sure of everything that will be happening over this summer, I am truly looking forward to days yet to come.

Sure autumn might have its brightly colored leaves and cooler air, but it does not have the beach and outdoor activities like summer. So live in the summer and bask in the fun!

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I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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