New Employment

Seems that in my never-ending quest to juggle work and school I have yet again accepted a new position. This is the second job I have undertaken since the beginning of the year. While I feel horrible about job hopping so quickly, I believe it was a necessary requirement to have peace of mind.

My last position was performing phlebotomy at a local hospital. This position did not seem all that hard, however, I found out that patient care is not for me. I guess seeing people in a state of despair and illness weighed heavier than I thought.

Now I work a taxing position with a food distributor, rough on the body and familiar work to me, so I will make it through. Besides that, it pays rather well! I make the same weekly wage as a minimum waged full-time employee, but now I only work three days a week. I also enjoy the feeling of hard labor, I guess it is due to working out all the time, I am addicted to the soreness.

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I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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