Bored at Work

Every other weekend, me and one other lucky individual here at work, receive the pleasure of being scheduled. Despite the constant request for more help on these days,  we are always met with the same response -” …not everyone will want to work every other weekend …” I say be a damn supervisor and do your job properly. Why would you put more work on your employees?  A simple revamp of the schedule would change so much for the positive.

I know that certain people like to have specific days off,  who doesn’t?  It makes life easier to manage and allows for better use of that time. Yet,  few of us,  mainly the two of us that get screwed over constantly, would like to be privileged enough to actually work in a place of equality.

This has led me to leave this job once before and the fact that it has become even more unequal,  will cause me to make that same choice once again. The difference is that I shall not feel it necessary to inform you,  dear supervisor,  of my decision until it has already happened. The only thing that will truly sadden me about the coming ordeal will be missing the look of despair upon your face when you have realized your mishap.

I wish you the best. I know I will far exceed what you think…

Published by TF

I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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