A Day of Booking

I started the day with one thing on my mind, finding a book on Joomla! or something like that. So I got dressed, ate my breakfast, and headed to the gym. “I thought you were finding a book about Joomla! ?”, you ask.

That was on my mind, but fitness is a necessity in my world and I really don’t like to skip it. Anyway back to the story, after my nice little workout I headed to Books A Million to find such a book.

Walking over to the Computer&Business section of the store, I began searching the shelves. They have like a million books… duh. Found books on PHP, C++, MySQL, CS4, even WordPress! Nothing on Joomla! though :*( I had to wait in line at the customer service desk for ten minutes while the gentleman in front of me impatiently looked for an associate (I’m patient). After he was helped, I had the associate do an inquiry for anything relating to Joomla! in the store. Nothing! Saddened, I purchased my expensive HTML/XHTML and CSS book and headed to the mall.

The mall, crowded with teenagers and overly perfumed shoppers dashing through the stores. I walked the place once looking for the bookstore inside, then made a second pass.. stopped halfway and bought a shirt (impulsive buyer). Finally I asked the information kiosk about the bookstore, which apparently does not exist anymore. Saddened, I purchased my expensive soda and headed home.

Made a stop by McKay’s on the way home and found a nice WordPress book for cheap, so I bought that. I do not use WordPress.

That was my adventure on looking for Joomla! books. I ended up with a shirt, a book, and a well deserved soda.

Published by TF

I'm a fun-loving man who does business analytics and supply chain things.

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